Welcome to AKC2022!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Asia-Korea Conference on Science and Technology 2022 (AKC2022).

AKC is the main signature event of the Korean Scientists and Engineers Association chapters in the Asia-Pacific region and seeks to foster strong scientific and technological cooperation between Asia and Korea. Past AKC conferences have been wonderful successes and I hope that the 10th annual AKC2022 conference will create new opportunities to share the latest insights into and trends about scientific and technological progress in the region.

This year’s conference theme is “Connectivity: Partnerships and Collaboration for Science and Technology” and will offer an interactive and engaging format to reconnect, to build partnerships, and to imagine new possibilities for scientific innovation. As worldwide travel returns to normal, it is an ideal time to gather in person and to form enduring collaborations to help address some of the biggest opportunities and challenges in science and technology. Key topics that will be covered include sustainability, healthcare, energy, and the environment.

We have assembled a fantastic group of local and international speakers for AKC2022 from across universities, research institutes, and private companies to introduce cutting-edge research, discuss the latest trends, and offer forward-looking perspectives. Together, we can find timely and impactful ways to use science and engineering to realize the bright possibilities of a prosperous future society.

Thank you and I look forward to a wonderful AKC2022.

Professor Nam-Joon Cho

▪ AKC2020 Conference Chair & President
▪ Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
▪ MRS-Singapore Chair Professor
▪ School of Materials Science and Engineering
▪ Nanyang Technological University, Singapore