Professor Nam-Joon Cho
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

ADDRESS – Welcome:

Distinguished guests, fellow scientists, and engineers from home and abroad,

It is my great honor to extend a warm welcome to all the It is my great honor to extend a warm welcome to all the participants who have joined the 2022 Asia-Korea Conference on Science and Technology (AKC2022).

This year’s AKC is held in person after COVID-19. At the outset, recognition and gratitude shall go to President Nam-Joon Cho and the esteemed members of the Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Singapore (KSEASG) for pulling off a successfully orchestrated event of this magnitude amidst these challenging times.

As the world remains on high alert over a continuous wave of As the world remains on high alert over a continuous wave of mass infection and transboundary transmission of COVID-19, the pandemic has brought unprecedented economic upheaval, upending every aspect of our livelihoods including the shut-down of nonessential businesses, an abrupt shift to working from home in a bid to prevent further spread of nth degree transmission, not to mention amplifying social and economic turmoil. Notwithstanding these public health crisis, Korea and Singapore are widely praised as setting best practice with their preventive response to COVID-19, which bespeaks a renewed opportunity to cooperate in fast-tracking medical and non-contact industries between two countries.

In hopes of bringing about the betterment of mankind through partnerships in science and technology, the theme of AKC2022 is ‘Connectivity: Partnerships and Collaboration for Science and Technology’. Advances in science and technology are becoming prominent in combating COVID-19, notably in contact tracing, social distancing, telemedicine through digital innovation, and vaccine development. In the light of this, the role entrusted to Korean and Asian scientists and engineers joining today is more significant than ever in pooling their wisdom to come up with workable measures to explore scientific collaboration built on the well-being of humankind.

Since its inception in 2013, KSEASG has gained significant momentum by making great strides in joint international research among such Asian countries as Korea, Singapore, Japan, and China, and become a well-established platform conducive to science and industrial development in the region. I trust that this platform will continue to be at the heart of global endeavors for innovations in science and technology that will shape our future and lift cross-border barriers.

In closing, I am confident that your passion dedicated to research and development will serve as a driving force behind ‘scientific and technological advancement for the good and betterment of all mankind’. Please be assured that KOFST will always remain committed to your noble work and pledge its unwavering support for AKC2022 to give renewed impetus to mutually beneficial scientific and technological exchanges among Korea and Asian countries down the road. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Thank you.

  • KSEASG President & AKC2020, AKC2021 Conference Chair
  • Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University  
  • MRS-Singapore Chair Professor